Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plundering The Depths Of Bandcamp! Point Below Zero - Self Titled EP

(It's my 100th blog post!)

This weeks discovery is a technical deathcore band called Point Below Zero with their just released self titled EP. The band describes themselves as moderately technical and moderately humorous deathcore, of which is a pretty accurate description. What you'll find on the album though is good stuff. These guys have been a band since 2007, but this is their first official release. They've been able to play alongside of The Contortionist, which is a pretty awesome thing. The album is 7 tracks, which is a comfortable medium between EP and LP.

The production is pretty solid throughout the album, although I would have liked the vocals to be a little more forward in the mix, but they aren't difficult to hear, they just don't stand out as much as I would have liked. The vocals though are pretty vicious. Zac Robinson's vocals remind me a bit of Hernan Hermina from All Shall Perish. I'm pretty sure All Shall Perish influenced these guys overall, which is definitely a good thing.

The drums are solid too, giving a really good background to the entire album, and providing some really interesting fills between tempo changes. Nic Tresise is pretty agile throughout the album, and keeps things interesting, and provides a hell of a backbone to some crushing breakdowns.

Pretty much every song has a nice guitar solo too, provided by Jake Howsam, who clearly knows how to shred. Jake Maaka provides us with rhythm guitar and does a great job riffing throughout the album. My favorite riff is towards the beginning of 'Dangermazz'. The bass, played by Benjamin Black, doesn't really get it's own time in the limelight like the other instruments, but it does provide a really good compliment to the rhythm guitar and also helps fill out the breakdowns.

Going back to 'Dangermazz' it's probably my favorite track on the album, the guitar solo is awesome, the bass gets a bit of recognition, the drums are great, and the breakdown is heavy. All you could ask for to end off the album!

Overall the album is pretty awesome, especially for a first release. I can't wait to see what these guys come up with for a full length!

Be sure to grab their album or at least just listen to it here: http://pointbelowzero.bandcamp.com/album/point-below-zero-ep and also go like them on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pointbelowzero?sk=wall

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