Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vildhjarta Post New EP Teaser!

I jumped on the Vildhjarta train a little late by not discovering them until earlier this year, otherwise Masstaden would have made my top album list as it's a beast of an album. Anyhow, the band has been hard at work on a new EP filled with some tasty ambidjence!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pathology - The Time Of Great Purification

Pathology have been around for 6 years and have released 5 albums in that time, including this weeks release of The Time Of Great Purification, and basic math tells us comes to almost an album a year. These gents are quite busy suffice to say it, and like any well to do metal band they tour pretty non stop. I didn't really start listening to them until last years release Awaken To Suffering, and by listening I should say I gave them a quick listen but have never been truly drawn into them.

Someone Recorded And Leaked A New Dethklok Track!

God it's a great day for new music it seems. Someone recorded and leaked a new track from Dethklok's upcoming album Dethalbum III. The track is titled 'Andromeda', I'm not sure if it's from the recording quality or not but the vocals are a tad hard to discern, and the quality isn't studio quality, but hey it's listenable and it's Dethklok, so enjoy it or else.

New Ill Niño Song!

I'm not gonna lie, I don't know too much about Ill Niño, I've never really listened to them before now, and while I'm not completely blown away with this new song, I'm intrigued enough to hear the rest of the album when it releases. The new track 'The Depression' features a lot of clean vocals in it, which I'm not too taken with yet, but they aren't terrible. I'm not sure how prominent they will be on the rest of the album though.

The Acacia Strain Released A New Song!

The acacia Strain have posted a second song from their upcoming album Death Is The Only Mortal, this new song is entitled 'Mouth Of The River' and is here to confirm that The Acacia Strain still have it. If anyone was scared that them being signed to Rise Records was going to change them, this song and the previously released 'Victims Of The Cave' should convince you they haven't jumped ship, and they really had no reason to change anyway.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Becoming The Archetype - I Am

I discovered Becoming The Archetype on a whim at shortly after they released Dichotomy. I was intrigued by the album cover, drawn in by the bearded man on the back, and pleased by the music I heard. since then they've become one of my favorite bands, and last years album Celestial Completion was one of the best albums to come out in 2011. Since then however Becoming The Archetype have been very busy and have a lot of changes, from the loss of drummer Brent Duckett to the loss of the bearded beast of a vocalist Jason Wisdom, and the addition of drummer Chris Heaton and new vocalist Chris McCane. This leaves Seth Hecox as the only remaining original band member. So that's a lot to handle as a band and fans. When the lineup changes were announced and shortly after we were told we'd be getting a new album just over a year after Celestial Completion many were not entirely sure what to expect.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Trace The Follower - Aspects

It's always nice to find an upstart band who seem to be doing things the right way. Trace The Follower hail from Stockholm, Sweden and have just recently released their debut EP Aspects and from the sounds of it the band has made a pretty solid first step in their career.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Derelict's Jordan Perry Is Awesome.

Jordan Perry is a hell of  a drummer. If you've heard Derelict's latest album Perpetuation you would know that by now, but in case you didn't, or if you're like me and love playthrough videos then you're in luck!

Big Ol' Arbiter Update!

Arbiter have sent an email update out about the status of the new double album that's coming soon. There still isn't a concrete date, but there's a pretty lengthy description of how things are going down and the process it'll take for the album to be released. It's an entertaining read, particularly the youtube part, and it's awesome to know that things are in motion and we should all be able to hear this new material soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4th and 5th As I Lay Dying Studio Updates!

I wasn't paying attention and entirely missed the 4th As I Lay Dying studio update, however I have it now along with the 5th update! The 4th video showcases the bass guitar and clean vocals, and the 5th showcases the lead guitarwork. I'm assuming now they'll be a 6th video dedicated to Tim's vocal recording. Hopefully that releases soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blackguard Are Touring With Epica And Kamelot!

Blackguard have been touring pretty heavily since they released Firefight last year, and to continue that they've announced the Euopean tour dates to follow their already pretty extensive US tour dates. For the last portion of the US leg of the tour Blackguard will be playing shows with Epica (who also released a pretty solid album this year) and for the European side of things they'll be touring with Kamelot.

Truth Corroded To Tour With Fear Factory!

I don't know Truth Corroded all that well, but what I have heard is pretty impressive. The band has don pretty extensive touring under their last album Worship The Bled and after this short tour with Fear Factory they plan to write and record a follow up. Unfortunately for us stateside residents this is only in Australia, but I'm going to have to keep tabs on these guys for that follow-up album.

Check Out Becoming The Archetype's Timebender Video!

Becoming The Archetype have posted a music video for their first single 'The Timebender' from their upcoming album I Am. The video is inspired visually by Frank Miller's Sin City, but has a far more comedic story. The effects are definitely low budget but you can tell the band had a lot of fun making this one.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Carnival Of Death Show Review!

So I recently was able to attend the first show on the Carnival Of Death tour, which featured the likes of Obituary, Broken Hope, Jungle Rot, and Decrepit Birth. (Encrust was supposed to attend, but van problems prevented them from making it.) I'll start by telling you I had never heard of Broken Hope until this show, and I'm not that into Obituary, so for me this show was all about the two opening acts, who by themselves did a fantastic job with their time slots.

New Pathology Song!

Pathology have released the first single from their upcoming album The Time Of Great Purification. The track is titled 'Tyrannical Decay' and is pretty much what you might expect from the band, solid musicianship with tons of slam death standard pig squeals. I'm not the biggest fan of pig squeals, although I seem to be able to get past it for these guys because the music itself is pretty solid.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Texas In July Songs!

Texas In July get harped on a lot for sounding all too similar to August Burns Red (It doesn't help that the two bands a re close friends and are from the same town.) and I admit I was on that boat as well being that I'm a rather big August Burns Red fan, but Texas In July is a pretty solid outfit. Their first album was better than their second, but this track from their upcoming self titled third album seems to hold a bit of promise. And since August Burns Red doesn't have a real album coming out (I'm excited for the Christmas release though) I'll take this album.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's A New As I Lay Dying Song/Video!

As I Lay Dying have posted a music video for the song 'A Greater Foundation' from their upcoming release Awakened. The song is pretty awesome, albeit a bit standard for As I Lay Dying, but standard for this band is far greater than most people can say.

At the moment the video can only be found over at purevolume, so follow this link.

I'll update this post when the video inevitably finds it's way onto youtube via the magic of the internet.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Song From The Acacia Strain!

The Acacia Strain have posted the first song, 'Victims Of The Cave', from their upcoming album Death Is The Only Mortal. When the band got signed to Rise Records there were some people that feared that they might change their sound, which I never fully understood, but regardless, this track confirms those suspicions as false. Tis band is sitll as heavy as ever and as angry as they've always been.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Did I Miss This? New Humanity's Last Breath Song!

Humanity's Last Breath are one of my favorite discoveries in the last year. Their album Structures Collapse is damn heavy, and a very solid piece of deathcore. The band is working on  a follow-up album aimed at releasing sometime before the year is out.

As I Lay Dying Post 3rd Studio Update!

As I Lay Dying have posted a third studio update for the recording session of their upcoming album Awakened! This video focuses more on the guitar work, and also shows that the band are a fan of the show Game Of Thrones, but who isn't really?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No Peace Of Mind - Purify The Hope

No Peace Of Mind are a brand new band from Turkey who play a heavy yet slower form of hardcore. Not to make you think they play breakdowns constantly, it’s more on the lines of tons of downtuned slow and epic sounding riffs that, while not being anything particularly technical, do stir thing sup from the typical tough guy hardcore, and combine this with good atmospheric elements that to me seems inspired by stuff similar to Gojira’s slower work. It’s a pretty refreshing EP titled Purify The Hope.

Now hardcore isn’t a genre known for its originality anymore, most people who enjoy hardcore are looking for something heavy that’s good to mosh too, and while this band doesn’t necessarily play that style of hardcore and despite the fact that I do really like the overall sound of this album, , the songs can feel a bit samey, especially after repeated listens. I do feel though that the band is definitely working towards defining their own sound, I would like to see them explore more, and do some more experimenting.

As for the production, everything sounds pretty good. The band self-recorded, and for that fact it’s pretty impressive. My only qualm is that the vocals do feel a bit drowned out at times, although at other times It comes across as though it might have be on purpose to help add to the post-hardcore sounding atmosphere all throughout. However, I may just be reading too far into that. As I said previously the instrumentation isn’t anything particularly technical sounding, but the playing is definitely competent and sound overall.

I feel like No Peace Of Mind has made a rather solid first step, and with continued work the band could definitely evolve into something very special. The sound they’re working to establish is definitely refreshing in a genre that’s far too easy to be a cut and paste band in. I look forward to hearing more from this band, and I’m rather curious to see how they might handle a full length LP, and how that might change their writing. For now though, hardcore fans should feel free to check out Purify The Hope.

You can listen to it right here and now! Also be sure to like the band on Facebook and give them a shout with your thoughts on the EP!

New Abiotic!

South Florida's finest Abiotic are set to release their debut LP entitled Symbiosis with Metal Blade Records on October 22nd, the band already has a pretty huge following, and this debut will only help solidify that.