Friday, May 16, 2014

Vader Post New Track 'Triumph Of Death'

Vader are getting set to release their 10th studio album soon, titled Tibi Et Igni, and today they've released a new track from the album titled 'Triumph Of Death'. The song is likely what you'll expect from Vader, an enjoyable track that fills out the things you like about death metal. It's real straight forward meat and potatoes death metal.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Song From Son Of Aurelius!

Son Of Aurelius are finally getting around to putting out some new material. Their debut album is chock full of fantastic proggy goodness, and this new song is good hope that the next album will keep things up!

Hour Of Penance Post Video For 'Reforging The Crowns'

Got videos out the wazoo! We've almost covered the four main types of videos as well today. Hour Of Penance bring int he storied side of things, with a video chock full of religious themes. The song is awesome and the video is well shot albeit a tad predictable. Still worth a watch though!

Whitechapel Post Video For 'Our Endless War'

Along with Carnifex this week, Whitechapel have posted a music video for their title track Our Endless War. This video is a live compilation of footage from shows they've played recently, that is excellently shot by the people at Naughty Mantis, who've been killing it with the videos for Whitechapel. The content isn't original since it's just a live compilation, but some of the shot choices are fantastic, especially the POV shots from the mic.

Carnifex Post Music Video For 'Die Without Hope'

Carnifex's latest release Die Without Hope is one of the strongest Deathcore albums this year and in my opinion the strongest release they've put out to date. Everything on this album is tight and it packs all the right punches. The band has now released a music video for the title track.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Make Them Suffer Post New Song 'Let Me In'

Make Them Suffer made quite a splash in deathcore with their EP Lord Of Woe and their debut album Neverbloom. Their brutal symphonic sound wowed listeners and won plenty of people over, including me. now they've released a new track titled 'Let Me In' and while it's most definitely not the heaviest thing they've ever recorded, the song itself is pretty good still.

Super Massive Black Holes - Calculations Of The Ancients

Super Massive Black Holes is downright weird. In the absolute best possible way. There are a good number of bands out there that play with influences from other genres. Bands that mess with tempo and tonality to immerse the listener into soundscapes they might not have heard clashed together before. Bands that keep you guessing where the song you are currently listening to might take you and how the next song will flip that around and take your ears in a new direction. Super Massive Black Holes does all of this, and their debut full length album, Calculations Of The Ancients showcases all of their talents.

Band Of The Week: Nexilva

Landing somewhere between Born Of Osiris's progressive djent sound and Ovid's Withering's intense symphonic laden deathcore is Nexilva. Hailing from Sunderland, England this outfit is carving quite a name for themselves, and the quality of their music is far and beyond enough to compete with their more widely known peers.