Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whitechapel Post New Song!


Go over to Whitechapel's facebook to hear 'Section 8'. It's heavy, dark, and angry. Everything Whitechapel is known for. It's got pretty sick guitars and drums too, and it adds some new elements that Whitechapel hasn't explored yet. Hopefully they are working on a new album because If this is a sign of whats to come of a new album will most definitely be fan-freaking-tastic. Whitechapel are kings pretty much.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster - IV

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster have gained quite a fan base over the last few years, with ex-Underoath front man taking on a southern style that just seemed to work for them. Like Oh, Sleepers new album, I didn't even realize this was coming out, but I was pretty excited when I saw it. Their first three albums have been great. So How does IV hold up?

Check out First Blood's 'Silence Is Betrayal'

I'm not a huge Hardcore listener, but occasionally a hardcore band stands out enough to make me listen to the whole album. First Blood is one of those bands.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bandcamp Plunder Of The Week! Francisco Meza - the Restless Mind

Bandcamp. The great tundra of undiscovered talent. Here you can find fantastic artists such as Dan Dankmeyer, Arbiter, and Piotrek Gruszka. But first you have to wade through the mounds of repeat artists, who post their work numerous times, or post each track like it's it's own album, etc... I've decided I'm going to try and trifle through the mountains of work posted on Bandcamp to hopefully bring you a golden nugget of awesomeness. I'm going to call the post Bandcamp Plunder Of The Week, since you technically don't have to buy the music to hear it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Sitter Looks Hilarious.

Pineapple Express was fantastic, Your Highness was a bit of a flop, but it had funny parts. The Sitter looks like it might be a return to glory for David Gordon Green. Check out the trailer if you wanna see what's up. It looks pretty darn funny.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pardon Me Dust

I've been trying out a couple of designs for my blog so sorry if it looks all funky in the mean time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In The Midst Of Lions Post 2nd Studio Update!

The first studio update felt a little thrown together, but this video feels a little better overall. You get a little taste of the new album, and I have to say it sounds like it's going to be the best album from them yet. I'm very excited, and if you like Deathcore, you should be too. This will definitely be a day one purchase for me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Go Like Whitechapel!

Whitechapel are going to post a new song when they recieve 550k likes on Facebook. Now I've always kind of hated htis sort of campaign, but hey Whitechapel desrves to be more liked. If you're like me and you want to hear new material, go help the campaign by getting people to like them on Facebook. Hoepfully this happens quick!

Go here:

Also this makes me wonder if they are indeed release some sort of Ep along with those demos that got leaked. Who knows. We'll find out eventually.

Making Of Portal: No Escape

Recently a man by the name of Dan Trachtenberg made an impressive fan short film based around Portal called Portal: No Escape. Before we get into this watch it if you already haven't. It's well worth 7 minutes of your time.

Awesome eh? Now...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, Sleeper - Children Of Fire - Formal Review

I’ve been listening to Metalcore for a while, Mainstays for me being the likes of August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying. I’ll have to admit that I never really listened much to Oh, Sleeper. Son Of The Morning is a good album, but I have to admit I thought of them more as another Inhale Exhale, with Haste The Day inspiration. Then out of nowhere comes Children Of Fire. I’ve listened to this album about 4 times now, and each time it gets better. To use a word I use a little too often, It’s Awesome.

As I Lay Dying Announce Decas!

Hard to believe it's been ten years since As I Lay Dyings first release. (Well a few months over ten, but hey who's really counting?) To celebrate this milestone As I Lay Dying is releasing Decas, a 12 track album containing 3 new songs, and some covers and remixes. Paralyzed, one of the new songs, is streaming on the web and it's pretty great. (Find it here:

War Ensemble is on there as well, for people who didn't get the Homefront download. War Ensemble is awesome as well, it's a fantastic Slayer cover.

Decas releases November 8th!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rejoice Again! Netflix On Most Android Phones!

Netflix has had quite a rollercoaster year with customers. They infuriated many with the price hikes, and then they secretly cut simulatneous streaming via multiple devices. Luckily Netflix isn't a dumb company, and doesn't have a problem admitting they've made mistakes. This may be why they are still doing fantastically well.

Now a couple of months ago, many people got really excited at the notion of having Netflix on their android phone (another benefit of Android over iPhone), but it was largely restricted to a few phones at first. Now as long as you are 2.2 and up (which covers the majority of people, and if you are on a 2.1 device still you probably are due for an upgrade.) you can stream your instant queue to your phone! I had a hacked version on my Xperia Play, but now there is no need!

Rejoice and enjoy the streams!

Random Band Of The Day! Halo Of Gunfire.

I found Halo Of Gunfire by browsing the metal section at an FYE. This is the only album they have, but it's a hell of a good start for these guys. They are Progressive Deathcore, in the vein of All Shall Perish, with some Whitechapel thrown in. They've got great technicality, excellent production, and an overall great album. My only complaint is that the album is pretty short, weighing in at 34.5 minutes. Although they manage to make it feel longer, largely due to the guitar work making things interesting. This isn't just a chug chug band, they have a very bright future ahead of them, and I hope they get somewhere with it.

If you're interested, their album is in some stores, but you can also get it on Amazon. Check em out!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Go listen to Oh, Sleeper's new album!

Metalcore group Oh, Sleeper have released a new album titled Children Of Fire. It's a great album, and I plan on doing a formal review of it soon. If you like any of their old stuff, or enjoy bands such as Underoath, Inhale Exhale, or Haste The Day, go listen to their new stuff. It's great.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rejoice! Netlfix is fixing itself!

While the price hike on Netflix is still something of a downer, Netflix quietly started limiting customers to being able to only stream via one device at a time, which sucks for someone in my position wanting to watch something with my Girlfriend far away, or my brother over Xbox live. But shortly after they started doing this, they've realized it was a huge mistake, and are going to bring back multiple streaming capabilities. Yay! I figured that was good enough news to blog about.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In The Midst Of Lions Working On New LP!

Well it's about time! In The Midst Of Lions is crafting up their new album, which has yet to be titled. In case you don't know they are a fantastic Christian Deathcore band akin to Impending Doom, with some For Today thrown in. Their previous album 'The Heart Of Man' was a fantastic LP. The production was great and the songs were heavy. The vocalist's gutturals are awesome. Check out the song Defiance, if you look them up. Definitely my favorite track.

Anyhow, I'm stoked for a new album, as you should be!

Send Me Your Stuff!

I know there are a ton of bands out there trying to get a following and get their name heard. I know I don't have a huge following right now, but If you happen to come across this site and are in a band and would like me to do a formal review of your album, I would be happy to, and I'll give an honest opinion. I'm pretty open when it comes to music, so chances are I'll like it. Hit me up with a link to hear it and I'll get back to you about it.

Demon Hunter Working On A New Album! (Old News?)

This may be late , but I just found out about it. Demon Hunter, Seattle's finest metalcore band, is apparently working on a new album. No real details have been released about, at least as far as I can tell, but they are working on something to be released sometime next year. Also they are releasing 'The Wind' as a single, which I believe is a song from a Metal Christmas compilation album.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to this release. The World Is A Thorn gave The Triptych quite a run for it's money as my favorite album, I'm still between the two. Hopefully this will be released in the earlier half of 2011.

If you have any info on this let me know and I'll update/credit you. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whitechapel working on finalizing an EP! (UPDATE: Not an EP, just demos.)

Probabaly the best news I've heard all day. Although, The Devil Wears Prada streaming their album was pretty fantastic. But my favorite Deathcore band Whitechapel is releasing an EP soon! (While I would have loved an LP, 5 new tracks is great still.) The Duckcore blogspot has a demo version of it up that hints at this being an instrumental EP save for one track featuring Matt Szlachta of Dirge Within. (The vocals on that song also sound different, I'm not entirely sure if it's Phil Bozeman trying some new stuff, or if the mixing just isn't done. If it is Phil he's try more mid to high screams/growls.) I'm not sure if they will add vocals for the official release or not, but either way it's fantastic news. Hit up Duckcore for the link and enjoy!

(UPDATE: There is a slight possibility that this could be a collection of demos and not an actual EP.)
(UPDATE: Confirmed via a band members twitter, this is just demos, and not an EP. Which leads me to wonder when they'll get around to an actual LP/EP. Hopefully soon.)