Friday, May 31, 2013

New Halo Of Gunfire Song!

Halo Of Gunfire have been working on a new album for quite some time now. This song was posted about two weeks ago, but I somehow missed it. Regardless, you can now hear the first new work fromthe band in almost three years!

Another New August Burns Red Song!

August Burns Red's upcoming release Rescue & Restore is one of my most anticipated albums coming out this year. From what we've heard so far it looks like they are continuing with the more progressive metalcore sound they have begun to develop with Leveler. This new song 'Spirit Breaker' has a nice symphonic opening which is followed by a great wall of sound.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Extol Post New Album Teaser!

Christian death metal band Extol reunited this year after an almost five year hiatus and almost eight years since their last album. The band is releasing a self title album this year, and right now you can hear a five minute preview from said album.

Band Of The Week: Sidious

So I'm a day late on this, my bad I was out of town the last two days. Regardless though, this weeks band of the week is a band called Sidious. The band is brand new, having formed only a few months ago back in November. This month though they released their first work with an EP titled Ascension To The Throne Ov Self. The band plays a brand of blackened death metal that is heavily inspired by the likes of Behemoth, Vader, and Septic Flesh.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Revocation Self Titled Album Details!

Revocation have announced details about their upcoming self titled album! Above is the artwork for said album and below will be the track-listing for the album as well.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

August Burns Red Studio Update!

August Burns Red posted two studio updates from their Rescue & Restore recording sessions, featuring Matt Greiner on drums and Jake Luhrs on vocals, with a tiny part about the set up of the guitar amps. I for some reason had no idea Dustin Davidson was handling the really high vocals. It makes a little more sense to me now that I know that though.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beyond Creation - The Aura

In a genre chock full of more than capable musicians it is easy for a technical death metal band to blast your ears into oblivion with their immense technical proficiencies, but what makes a tech death band great is their ability to combine this raw talent with a greater sense of song writing aptitude.  This is why bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gorod, and Obscura are at the forefront of the genre. They blend this technicality with more progressive elements and make the songs more than just raw talent.

Band Of The Week: Moth

Denver Colorado based technical death metal band Moth are one of the best up and coming acts out there. The band released their debut LP Endlessly In Motion earlier this year (an album I had to pleasure of reviewing) but unfortunately it hasn't received the level of exposure it deserves.

Monday, May 20, 2013

DL Is Out Of The Acacia Strain

Lambgoat reported this story today that guitarist Daniel 'DL' Laskiewicz is out of the Acacia Strain. Myself and Vince over at Metalsucks didn't even realize that DL had not been touring with the band for a long time, just writing and most recently producing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Black Dahlia Murder Song!

The Black Dahlia Murder have released a new song from their upcoming album Everblack, via Revolver Magazine. The song, entitled 'Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn' has a different feel to the bands normal material, although it is most definitely still a Black Dahlia song. The lyrics are inspired heavily by one of Trevor Strnad's favorite films Evil Dead, and regardless of their comical tone this song is awesome.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Doc Coyle Of God Forbid Talks About Tim Lambesis

Doc Coyle of God Forbid posted an article about his feelings on Tim Lambesis's situation. Doc's post is realyl well written and as someone who really looked up to Tim as a person I completely relate to his post. I can't post the entire post here, but follow either of these links to read it. If you're interested in Tim's situation at all you definitely should read this. Links: via Metalsucks via Doc's Blog Rebel Noise

First Oceano Studio Update!

I'm a few days late here, but I just stumbled on this late yesterday. Oceano have posted the first studio update for their upcoming third album Incisions. The first half of the video is dedicated to the fact that they had a guitarist quit and join another band, they don't state the band name and I can't seem to find info on it online, but regardless Devin Shidaker was replaced by Michael Kasper. Maybe Kasper will bring something fresh to the band. After the guitar jokes and such we get to actual material related to the album. A few snippets of new guitar workt hat sounds pretty impressive and some interview questions with the band. I'm not sure who shot and edited the video, but It might have been shot and edited on a potato. Still it's nice to see the guys working and definitely nice to hear some new jams.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Day = Made. August Burns red have released a new song from their upcoming album Rescue & Restore. The song is titled 'Fault Line' and while it's a bit on the standard fare side of things for August Burns Red, it's a really solid song overall. These guys are easily one of the most consistent bands out there. This album is probably the one I'm most looking forward to this year.

Band Of The Week: Humanity's Last Breath

Saying Humanity's Last Breath are underrated is far beyond an understatement. These guys are a talented technical deathcore group that truly know how to work in a great atmosphere into their music. They have only had one full length album so far, Structures Collapse, but they are in progress with a yet to be titled follow up and from the song and teasers they've released it sounds really promising.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Arsonists Get All The Girls Release Details On New Album!

Arsonists Get All The Girls are planning to release a new album entitled Listen To The Color. There's not a whole lot of information about the album yet though. It'll be 15 tracks and clocking in at about 30 minutes, and features guest vocals from Cameron Reed (former vocals/keyboardist AGATG), Rob Smith (Heavy Heavy Low Low/Downstaaiirs), Kevin McCaughey (Ion Dissonance), Robby Bancroft (Five Characters In Search of an Exit). No word yet on a release date either.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

August Burns Red Album Artwork!

So August Burns Red released information about their new album Rescue & Restore yesterday and it got a ton of people excited.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

August Burns Red Release Details On New Album 'Rescue & Restore'!

August Burns Red have been working on a new album for a little while, and we've finally gotten some details on this upcoming beast. The title of the album is Rescue & Restore and The PRP have listed the tracklisting for the album.

Well This Sucks. Tim Lambesis Got Arrested?

Well here's to hoping this is some major mix up. Apparently Tim Lambesis, the frontman for As I Lay Dying was arrested yesterday for the alleged attempt to hire someone to murder his estranged wife. Tim and his wife have had some hard times recently, but this seems way out of left field to be something Tim would do. I guess you never really know the inner workings of someone else, especially not a person of fame, but still this is weird.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Band Of The Week: Strychnia

Despite having immense trouble spelling their name without checking it a few times, Strychnia is a great up and coming brutal death metal band, in the vein of Dying Fetus, Aborted and more. The band has had one full length album released so far entitled The Anatomy Of Execution, which you can stream or buy over at their bandcamp right now. It's worth the listen for sure. They are also about to release a brand new EP, Reanimated Monstrosity set to release May 14th.

Northlane - Singularity

Australia has a plethora of bands producing top quality metal these days, and Sydney is no stranger to the metal scene. One of Sydney’s best up and comers Northlane have given us a new album this year, entitled Singularity, and it is chock full of djenty atmospheric metalcore goodness. Northlane help populate the ever popular djent ‘genre’ with a style similar to Volumes, Erra, Elitist, and many many more. Yes, djent is the ‘in’ trend. No, Northlane doesn’t tread any new water in djent, they do not do much of anything here to really try and separate themselves from the crowded genre they have chosen. But in the end all that matters is if they have crafted a listenable album, and in short, yes. Yes they did.