Monday, May 12, 2014

Make Them Suffer Post New Song 'Let Me In'

Make Them Suffer made quite a splash in deathcore with their EP Lord Of Woe and their debut album Neverbloom. Their brutal symphonic sound wowed listeners and won plenty of people over, including me. now they've released a new track titled 'Let Me In' and while it's most definitely not the heaviest thing they've ever recorded, the song itself is pretty good still.

Check it out:

I'm curious if this song is the slower track on this new album, similar to 'Elegies' on Neverbloom, although this one is even less heavy more emotionally charged than 'Elegies'. Judging from the Facebook comments on the bands posting of this music video, there is quite a polarization with the fans on this being the worst thing they've recorded and this being a step in the right direction for the band. Regardless I'm excited to hear the full album, and I'm sure they'll be plenty of good material on it.

There's no real details on the release date or title for the new album, but hopefully we'll get those with a new single soon.

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