Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

I know this came out over a month ago now, but I just saw this film the other day. Anyhow, Steve Carell is a great actor in my opinion, and he does/did a fantastic Job on the Office, so I'm pretty much down to see anything with him in it - It also helps that Ryan Gosling is a great actor as well - So I was ready for an at least decent movie. I was happily surprised that this film has quite a few fantastic moments. The odd couple relationship between Carell and Gosling makes for some hilarious scenes. And if you are a fan of those horribly awkward but hilarious moments of the office, this film will have a few great scenes for you.

There are a few loose ends but this isn't the kind of film I'm going to criticize for not thinking every small detail through. The few dramatic parts also do a good job attaching you to the characters.

This film is far from a top list film, there isn't anything here that will blow your mind, but it's a fun film to watch and is well worth the price of admission I would say.

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