Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Parkway Drive Song!

Parkway Drive have released the first single from their upcoming album Atlas. The song is titled 'Old Ghosts / New Regrets'. I was a pretty big fan of Deep Blue and to be honest I haven't listened to this band in quite sometime, but this song doesn't really do a whole lot to get me really excited for the album. It's a pretty solid track, but it's in no way better than their previous material. Here's to hoping they experimented a little on the rest of the album. I've respected the fact that they are honest with themselves and their music, but honesty will only get you so far if you're re-hashing a bit. I will say though that they're still going pretty solid with writing catching choruses, and Winston's vocals are a awesome as ever.
Check out the song for yourself:

Atlas is due out October 30th!

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