Friday, November 16, 2012

In Reverence - Hallucinations

It’s hard to stand out in a genre as crowded and popular as Deathcore, but the internet has its ways of pushing the best bands up to the surface and getting their names out there. In Reverence is one such band. They aren’t too widely known but I have a feeling things are going to be looking up for them.
The band’s sound is a best described as culmination of the best parts of Whitechapel, Carnifex, and Impending Doom. Heavy hitting atmospheric deathcore with a tad bit of The Last Felony-esque technicality. If that concoction sounds good to you then you should get onto listening to the band’s first outing Hallucination.

The first thing that stands out is the bands focus on creating a fantastically dark atmosphere. This is evident from the fist second of the first track ‘The Eyes Of Shiva’ which has an intro that similar in feeling to the intro of the Whitechapel song ‘Unnerving’, a title that fits the description of both bands intros. It’s kept up throughout the whole album too. Dissonant background guitars and guitar solos create such a haunting and beautiful atmosphere. Add this and the keys on ‘Obsolete Visions’ that come in for a short period of time and it makes for a really solid track. The final track ‘Solsno (Outro)’ also contains with a wonderfully gloomy intro and ends the album off perfectly.

The other that stuck out in my mind is the vocalist. If you’ve followed my blog at all you may have noticed that Phil Bozeman holds the trophy for best vocalist today in my mind, but In Reverences’ Filip Danielsson is almost on par with him. His epic gutturals and high screams (similar to Scott’s from Carnifex) make for a perfect vocal complement to an already more than competent band.

You may be asking what it is that separates these guys from the bands I keep mentioning. While they do take a clear amount of influence from those bands it’s the atmosphere they create and the very solid writing they showcase on this album that make them stand out among the crowds. It’s evident that these guys know what they are doing and their talent deserves recognition.

The band is offering this EP for free right now on, so you have no real excuse not to listen to it, and if you’re a deathcore fan or a just fan of atmospherically driven metal this album is worth checking out. These guys are killing it and I foresee good things for them.

Also if you have Spotify, listen to it right now!

In Reverence - Hallucinations

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