Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Million Dead Birds Laughing Vocalist Taking A Hiatus

I had the great pleasure of reviewing Xen from A Million Dead Birds Laughing earlier this year, and if you have the chance you should check out their albums as they are awesome.

Anyhow, there is some unfortunate news regarding their vocalist this week:

So... an unfortunate but necessary announcement. Our vocalist Adam has mutually agreed to take an 'indefinite hiatus' from A Million Dead Birds Laughing in order to work through some personal issues. This was unfortunately unavoidable at this time and ultimately a positive thing for this band in the long term. Adam truly is a one of a kind talent in this world today and we
wish him the best with regards to his recovery; hoping he can return to the scene in due time. A Million Dead Birds Laughing will be continuing unabated. We'll be making announcements regarding the vocal position in the next few weeks. This is a new chapter, and will allow this band to further explore its sound... 
All QLD dates with Brazen Bull this week will be performed instrumental (with a few exceptions) until things are finalized with the vocal position. Exciting times lay ahead!

It'll be interesting the see how the instrumental shows go, and I wonder if they'll have a replacement vocalist for the time being. I'm glad the band is taking this with a positive attitude as they are a talented bunch. Heres to hoping the for the best for them all.  

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