Saturday, January 19, 2013

Aegaeon Using Indiegogo To Fund Next Album

Aegaeon are a band who you think would be on a label by now but after a full LP and an incredible EP last year, the band remains Independent. Following the immense success of Protest The Hero, Aegaeon are using indiegogo to try and fund their next LP.

Here's the link:

The band really needs your support, and they deserve it. However they may want to rethink some of the perks with the pricing. It seems a bit off and not too tempting for the higher level stuff. Also I'm not sure if Indiegogo doesn't support it, but since they get to keep whatever they raise, unlike kickstarter, why not have a $1 donate option or something? Also with the departure of their original vocalist and the fill in of Jon Huber  of Pathology, whose vocals I'm not particularly huge on, why not record a single to get fans excited and then start your campaign?

Anyhow, do what you can for now, we need a new Aegaeon album.

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