Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Band Of The Week: The Last Felony

I'll admit I've been awful about weekly articles in the past, I just get wrapped up in other things and I have a problem keeping up. But alas, I shall give it a try again. I kind of tried this before although I limited myself to bandcamp previously. Now I'm just going to try and find bands I feel deserve more attention and give them a little bit of a spotlight on the site here.
First up I've got The Last felony. If you've heard of these guys I wouldn't be too surprised. They've got a decent following, but they are a band who are talented enough that they should be far more popular. Their blend of technical death metal and deathcore is insanely well done and on par with any tech death band out there. their last album Too Many Humans is easily one of the best metal albums out there, and one of my favorite deathcore albums ever. Likes on facebook aren't everything, but they do help book tours and garner attention, and these guys only have about 7.5k likes.

So lets assume you haven't heard of The Last Felony. I'll give you a track to listen to right now:

Are you in love yet?

This album can only be described as immensely heavy. If the dictionary had video playback functions, this album would be under the definition of heavy.

They've got a perfect blend of brutal death metal style vocals that are so gruesome and over the top, with top notch writing and an excellent sense of how to blend in deathcore stylings.

The Last Felony is currently working on a six track EP and are self producing it so I'm not sure when exactly we'll get to hear this beast, but it's coming sometime. Please do them a favor and give them a like and buy their album. It's worth it.

Also here's the last track on Too Many Humans, 'Televisionary' flows right into it, so it's awesome.

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