Saturday, April 6, 2013

Help Insurrection Fund Their Next Album!

Insurrection has already achieved their funding goal of $2500 Canadian dollars for their next album Prototype, but they still have 34 days left on their funding campaign and any additional funds will only help make things better for the band. Indigogo has become a popular route it seems for bands to fund their albums after the immense success of Protest The Hero's campaign. Aegaeon did a similar campaign recently, although it appears it wasn't as successful as it should have been (I pitched in $25, but they only raised about $1200, which surprised me a little.) Anyhow, Insurrection are grea,t and their last album Fracture is a solid album.

Some of the perks for donating include having a song written about a topic of your choosing, having a personal show, and other more typical things like their discography, t-shirt+CD combos, etc...

Follow this link to help out!

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