Monday, January 13, 2014

Band Of The Week: Elegist

Elegist are a pretty new band from Sydney Australia, who got started back in 2012. That hasn't given them much time to really put themselves out there and they've only got one EP (and one single from last year) released at the moment, but it's a strong EP and I'm really excited to see what these guys develop into. Australia has a great track record with producing solid metalcore bands, so hopefully Elegist can live up to this.

They've got all the makings for a solid sound, a good blend of post-hardcore and melodic metalcore, and they rely incessantly on using breakdowns in place of actual riff writing. There's a ton of promise in their sound and if they can get the proper amount of attention,they could have a shot at hanging with the big names in the genre.

Check out 2013's single 'Passing':

Here's to hoping 2014 does these guys right and I look forward to hearing more new music from them. Would love to see them tackle a full length album.

'Passing' and their selft titled EP are both available on bandcamp for what ever you feel like paying for them. Give the guys a like on Facebook and Stream/Buy/Download the EP on Bandcamp!

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