Monday, March 10, 2014

Band Of The Week: Wrath Of Vesuvius

Wrath  Of Vesuvius are a progressive deathcore outfit from California who should definitely grab the attention of fans of bands like The Contortionist, Born Of Osiris, and Veil Of Maya. Their last release Revelation came out last year, but it's a top notch album that should not be missed.

Check out the song 'Somber Silence':

They've got excellent musicianship and writing skills and throw in plenty of great lead guitar work. They throw in a handful of more experimental ambient sections that remind me a bit of The Schoenberg Automaton too which is definitely a good thing. Wrath Of Vesuvius have two albums under their belt already and hopefully they'll continue to grow and make their presence known.

Hit up their Facebook, and buy some merch!

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