Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Demon Hunter Post New Song 'I Will Fail You'

Demon Hunter posted a song last week entitled 'Artificial light' which basically nailed down the type of song we were to expect from them. Today we got a new song entitled 'I Will Fail You', which was about the easier troll set up Metalsucks has ever been given, but anyhow, this is basically going to be this albums 'Driving Nails', 'Heartstrings Come Undone', 'Tomorrow Never Comes' etc... They typically have at least one song that's all clean vocals and supposed to be the more emotionally heavy song on the album. Demon Hunter aren't reinventing the wheel with this album it seems, but I'm still intrigued to hear it.
Check out the song:

Extremist is out March 18th via Solid State!

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