Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Check out First Blood's 'Silence Is Betrayal'

I'm not a huge Hardcore listener, but occasionally a hardcore band stands out enough to make me listen to the whole album. First Blood is one of those bands.

The album is chock full of breakdowns, and heavy riffs, but that's to be found on any ol' hardcore bands album. What makes First Blood Standout more is their vocalist for me. His voice is in your face and powerful. It's got this weird mechanical feel too which I'm not sure how to explain entirely. The lyrics are hugely political. Which may be a turn off to a lot of people. In a sticking it to the man way. There a constant news audio clips about war and a song pretty much dedicated to the mystery behind 9/11. Hardcore is built on a screw the man and be outspoken on your views attitude which these guys definitely get across in this album.

These guys do a great job and I'd highly recommend a listen.

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