Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whitechapel working on finalizing an EP! (UPDATE: Not an EP, just demos.)

Probabaly the best news I've heard all day. Although, The Devil Wears Prada streaming their album was pretty fantastic. But my favorite Deathcore band Whitechapel is releasing an EP soon! (While I would have loved an LP, 5 new tracks is great still.) The Duckcore blogspot has a demo version of it up that hints at this being an instrumental EP save for one track featuring Matt Szlachta of Dirge Within. (The vocals on that song also sound different, I'm not entirely sure if it's Phil Bozeman trying some new stuff, or if the mixing just isn't done. If it is Phil he's try more mid to high screams/growls.) I'm not sure if they will add vocals for the official release or not, but either way it's fantastic news. Hit up Duckcore for the link and enjoy!

(UPDATE: There is a slight possibility that this could be a collection of demos and not an actual EP.)
(UPDATE: Confirmed via a band members twitter, this is just demos, and not an EP. Which leads me to wonder when they'll get around to an actual LP/EP. Hopefully soon.)

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