Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rejoice Again! Netflix On Most Android Phones!

Netflix has had quite a rollercoaster year with customers. They infuriated many with the price hikes, and then they secretly cut simulatneous streaming via multiple devices. Luckily Netflix isn't a dumb company, and doesn't have a problem admitting they've made mistakes. This may be why they are still doing fantastically well.

Now a couple of months ago, many people got really excited at the notion of having Netflix on their android phone (another benefit of Android over iPhone), but it was largely restricted to a few phones at first. Now as long as you are 2.2 and up (which covers the majority of people, and if you are on a 2.1 device still you probably are due for an upgrade.) you can stream your instant queue to your phone! I had a hacked version on my Xperia Play, but now there is no need!

Rejoice and enjoy the streams!

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