Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Band Of The Week: Secrets Of A Psychopath

Secrets Of A Psychopath were one of the first bands I had the pleasure of reviewing on my site here. Their EP was an impressive collection of aggressive and heavy music that rode a fine line between progressive and more straight forward deathcore. Their album Concept Of Failure was a pleasure to listen to and still holds up really well against plenty of more established bands in the genre.
Check out the final track 'Memory':

It's been two years now since the release of Concept Of Failure and the band has been relatively quiet about new material. They did release a new single last year entitled 'New Era' which is a pretty solid track, but as of now it doesn't appear to be leading into a new EP or a debut LP. Hopefully these guys get the chance to do so soon! It would be a great pleasure to have more music from them.

Check out 'New Era' while you're at it:

The band only has a little over 3k likes on facebook which you can help with right now. also they are offering all of their music for free from there, so you should feel free to grab it and give it a listen!

Update: They replied to my tweet with the info that they will be recording a new single on July 20th and hopefully an LP this autumn!

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