Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Oh, Sleeper!

Oh, Sleeper finished up an indiegogo campaign recently with much success raising almost $55,000 which is close to twice their $30,000 goal. The band is going to release an EP called The Titan, play a tour and then release a second EP to combine with the old one to make an LP. An interesting route which the band Divinity was kind of doing with their Immortalist album.
Anyhow, this weekend Oh, Sleepr released a new song from said EP entitled 'The Pitch' featuring Casey Sabol, who was at one short point the vocalist for Periphery, on guest vocals.

This song is really good, and the guest vocals fit really well on this track.

Oh, Sleeper are doing the crowd funding thing because they just finished their contract with Solid State Records and felt they are at a point where they can manage themselves with the amount of fan support they have received. I really hope it works out for them in the long run. Record labels can really help younger bands but many bands can get shafted by labels unless they are a huge band with a lot of pull. I haven't heard any real bad things about solid state, there are a ton of great bands on that label, and it doesn't appear that Oh, Sleeper left on any bad terms at all, but still if these guys can make it on their own that'd be great.

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