Monday, October 21, 2013

Band Of The Week: Forsaken

Despite being an all too commonly used name ( say these guys share this name with at least 8 other bands a few of which are also in the metal/hardcore genres) Hartford, Connecticut's Forsaken does stand out of the bunch. Hitting home somewhere between Whitechapel and Dweller, Forsaken have a nice thick sound with plenty of dark ambiance to make the EP really stay with you.

I found the group to a friend of one of the band members, and was pretty impressed from the little preview he gave me. A little digging on Spotify brought me to their Witness/Hell EP and I've given it a good number of spins since then.

Check out the lyric video to 'Becoming Death':

They have a massive looming presence that deserves your attention. Witness/Hell is really a good piece of deathcore with a lot of promise.

According the the bands Facebook they are hoping to get into the studio again in the next two months, so hopefully we get more music from them by early next year! Take a minute to give them a like on Facebook and buy the EP on Bandcamp if you can throw them a few dollars.

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