Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Veil Of Maya Song!

Veil Of Maya just signed a new contract with Sumerian Records and according to the band they feel like the relationship they have with the label is a strong one and good things have been happening there. It is definitely nice to hear a story about a band having a healthy relationship with a label, and I'm glad Veil Of Maya aren't running to Kickstarter as a lot of bands are trying now.

Anyway to commemorate this resigning the band have released a new single titled 'Subject Zero', if there is official word about a new album I cannot find it, however I would imagine this single will be part of their next album which is due to release by early next year if they follow the two year cycle.

Check out the track now:

The track will be available for download November 11th, but stream it all you want via YouTube for now.

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