Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Material In The Works From The Other Members Of As I Lay Dying

Since the whole situation with Tim Lambesis got started the status of the 4 other members of As I Lay Dying has remained unknown until this past few days. While we don't have any real concrete details on what exactly is going on, we know that these four guys are making new music as evidenced by Instagram videos of all the members working on stuff in the studio.

It's pretty likely the guys formed a new band, and The PRP is hazarding a guess that the new band might be called Worshipper, which would explain the 'W' on the picture above. Although there does appear to be two overlapping W's so it could be a longer name.

A new name would separate the band from the baggage Tim brought to As I Lay Dying and give them a fresh start, regardless of the fact that the music in the videos they've posted still sounds very similar to As I Lay Dying's previous work.

I for one am really glad these guys are still working as they're a very talented bunch, and I hope we get a big detailed update soon. There's no word on whether or not they'll be getting a new vocalist, but the first wave of videos seemed to feature Josh Gilbert's clean vocals, so maybe they're going a Periphery/Tesseract route and trying to stick to cleans. It's all guess work at this point.

Stay tuned!

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