Thursday, April 17, 2014

3rd Whitechapel Studio Video Posted For 'Our Endless War'!

God, I gotta give a hand to Naughty Mantis. Every one of these videos has been phenomenally put together. The shot choices and music have been spot on. This video is the third video from Whitechapel's studio sessions for the new album Our Endless War, and this video focuses on the vocal tracking for the bands front man Phil Bozeman and some of the meaning behind the lyrics he wrote on this album.

Check out the video now:

Now some of the things Phil says in the video are kind of what you'd expect a vocalist to say about their new album, mainly the first chunk of stuff he says, but the rest of it is pretty interesting and makes me really excited to hear his performance on this album. 

Our Endless War is set to release in less than two weeks on April 29th via Metal Blade!

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