Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Super Massive Black Holes Album Due Out This Month!

To say that Canada's Super Massive Black Holes are an exciting group, is to put things lightly. The band offers a really refreshing taste of metal music blended with awesome flairs of influences from plenty of other genres. Their new album Calculations Of The Ancients is due to release on April 29th, but for now we've got one song to preview from it!

Check out the track '(Sub-Molecular) Transmogrification Of The Oriphy':

We also have a bit of a press update about the band via Bravewords:

Intriguing, thought-provoking and memorable, Super Massive Black Holes plays a mix of genres that will make you scratch your head and tap your foot, all the while banging your head into solid objects. Seamlessly blending death metal, rock, jazz-fusion, prog, blues, and a variety of others, Super Massive Black Holes will expand your mind and prove that new and interesting music is alive and well.

Super Massive Black Holes guitarist Denver Bergreen (ex-CHAOS LOGIC) had this to say about Calculations Of The Ancients: "It was a total DIY effort. Everything was produced by myself, from artwork and layout, to engineering/mixing/mastering. The lyrics are based around science theories (be they real, fictitious, or conspiracy), and often wrap around metaphorically to human experiences (beliefs, insecurities, questions about the world around us.) The music is meant to zig-zag across genres, while still holding root within the composition as a whole. To express every possible emotion in the best way we could think of."
Look for my review of the new album in the near future and stayed tuned for the albums release!

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