Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sumerian Pulls Everything From Spotify.

Spotify had a fantastic start in the US, and has slowly been declining. For Metal fans at least. First we lost Century Media, then we lost Metal Blade, and Now Sumerian has dropped out. Losing the likes Of Periphery, The Faceless (Although one of their albums was mistakenly put in as a Periphery album for some reason.) Structures, Veil Of Maya, and Born Of Osiris. (Some bands have been on multiple labels, so part of their work is still up.)

I don't know all the logistics to streaming, and I'm far from being well educated when it coems to business strategies and having the know how to run a company, but if Sumerian and the other labels believe that taking their stuff off will result in more album sales, they are sorely wrong. People are less willing to take a risk now a days especially when it comes to music. People are more likely to torrent an album or just find a way to stream it online elsewhere. People want to be able to hear before they buy unless it's an album from a band they are already fans of. Streaming will result in internet traffic, which everyone knows leads to internet ads, which mean profit. I'm not sure how Sumerian and the other labels don't get it.

Anyhow, hopefully they realize that not having their stuff up will actually do nothing to help them, and just re-upload it all. But that could be wishful thinking.

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