Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oceano Hits The Studio! (Update 3: Not Breaking Up Now!)

(Update 3: They aren't calling it quits after all!

(Update 2: In addition to playing the New England Metal and Harcore festival, which was supposedly their last show ever, they agreed to play the Jamboree Festival. Here's an interview confirming the break up:

(Update: They Broke Up.)

I'm a few days late on this news, but if you happened to stumble across Oceano's facebook recently you might have seen this post:

Or maybe even this one:
Both are definite indicators that yes, Oceano is in fact working on their follow up to last years Contagion. Oceano got it's fame with Depths, which if you ask me had some great songs, and overall had a fantastic atmosphere. Contagion, on the other hand, wasn't as good. I'll admit people rip Contagion harder than they should, seeing as it is actually a pretty good album. It's just that Depths, being their first release, set the bar very high for these guys, and they had some trouble getting back over it the second time around. Hopefully this new album proves to be their best. Maybe they can get out of that middle of the road deathcore band state.

Anyhow, the new album probably won't be coming until the middle of 2012, but keep your eyes and ears out for news and maybe singles in the coming months.

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