Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh Hey, Norma Jean Are Writing New Material.

Norma Jean are in the process of writing new material according to their Facebook. It will be sometime still before they start recording, but the fact that they have begun in earnest the next album is fairly exciting. I would hope/imagine it'll be out by the end of next year, if not early 2013. Although I feel like 2013 is too far. ME WANT NORMA JEAN!

Anyhow, if you haven't checked out their previous release, Meridional, you should. It's pretty great.

On the off chance you've never listened to anything these guys have made, you should buy their recently released collection of their first three albums (which a lot of bands seem to be doing, Underoath and The Chariot to name a few), and you should get the more recent albums as well. They all are fantastic.

I'll post more news about the new record when It gets released. Stay tuned!

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