Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chelsea Grin Evolve Previews!

Update: I hadn't checked this page in a while but thanks to a friend I learned the link was dead. So here's an update with the full EP stream in case you haven't heard it.

So since Jason Richardson left Born Of Osiris a while back and joined Chelsea Grin, both Chelsea Grin and Born Of Osiris got to work immediately on new material. Chelsea grin opted for an EP, and I believe Born Of Osiris is taking more time than them to put out another full length album. (I could be wrong about that though.) Anyhow, Chelsea Grin's EP is set to release next week and they posted a preview video for it. After the track 'Lilith' was released I have to say I was excited by the guitar work and dismayed a bit by the clean vocals. However it does seem that Jason's guitar playing a boosted this band quite a bit.
Make your own judgments:

The EP drops on the 19th, alongside of Whitechapel's new album, Dr. Acula's new album, Mnemic's new album, and plenty more. Next week is going to be pretty huge.

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