Thursday, June 21, 2012

Killswitch Engage 'This Is Confrontation'! (Update!)

(Update: I meant to update this a few days ago, but anyhow, the track is actually called 'No End In Sight')

So as you've probably heard Killswitch Engage are making a new album with Jesse Leach. A new song from their upcoming album has been posted online. The song is titled 'This Is Confrontation'. I believe it's a pre-mastered version of the song, but I'm not entirely sure.

(This is now the live video, obviously.)

This is the leak

After hearing it I can't shake the feeling that the band is trying a little to hard to keep the appeal that Howard had, which makes sense being that the albums Howard was on were the albums that made the band what they are today. Even the track title just makes me think of 'This Is Absolution'. However the band sounds good overall still. The track itself is a little bit standard for Killswitch, but definitely not bad. I'm still excited for this.

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