Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Look For Music From Chamber Soon

I was contacted by the band manager for Chamber to review their upcoming single 'City Of Seven Hills'. I'd never heard of Chamber before, but I'm glad I was sent this track as they are a rather impressive outfit! They  hail from Guwahati, India and are a six piece progressive rock/metal group akin to Dream Theater, Opeth, and Porcupine Tree.

The song 'City Of Seven Hills' opens with an acoustic guitar part that immediately brings on the dream theater feeling, which is only further pushed by the keyboards and drum opening. Shortly into the song we get a pretty solid  guitar solo which gives us a taste of things to come later in the track. The best way to describe the vocals would be if James LaBrie and James Hetfield made a baby, it might sound like Bhargav's vocals.

The guitar work is solid throughout, with plenty of good driving riffs and a second more epic sounding solo about 4 minutes into the song, which leads us into a faster definitely Dream Theater inspired portion of the song. This is probably my favorite portion of the track, it's energetic, and full of great instrumentation on everyone's part.

The drums are a highlight as well. There are some excellent fills throughout and very good footwork, particularly in the portion after the 4 minute mark. If I'm not mistaken their drummer is the youngest member of the band, and little brother of their guitarist. His skills are really impressive.

Anyhow, the band is going to be releasing this song on June 27th for your listening pleasure, and a debut EP sometime in the near future. I'll definitely post the full track for you guys to hear when that time comes, but if you want to hear a teaser for it, head to their band page now! Give them a shout out while you're over there!

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