Friday, June 8, 2012

Film Score Friday! Danny Elfman - Men In Black 3

Men In Black returns after about 10 years since the last film. Everybody's thought were either of excitement or skepticism as to whether it would be at least as good as the first one. I can say that the second film, for me at least, was rather forgettable in every way. This new one however is pretty solid overall. There is a sense of Nostalgia that definitely gives this film a boost, but overall it actually is a pretty solid movie.

If you haven't seen it yet here's the trailer:

Thankfully not all the funny parts are in the trailer! Both Will Smith and Josh Brolin do a pretty fantastic job in the film, and while I was hoping Jemaine Clement, who plays the bad guy, would have more comical parts, he does a pretty good job as the villain.

As for the score it definitely plays on that nostalgia factor just like the rest of the film. It continues the Men In Black theme from the previous films, which while I could not recall it before seeing the film, became instantly recognizable from the get go. I for some reason did not know that Danny Elfman has worked on all three scores, but it makes perfect sense once you do know that because it definitely has that signature Danny Elfman sound to it.

The score overall works very well for the film, bringing that ominous sound to the movie while somehow keeping things light and airy and definitely complimenting the comical aspects. Although that's pretty much what Elfman is a pro at doing. It's a solid score overall, apart from possibly listening to the title theme for nostalgia points, there isn't much to it to make you want to listen to it recreationally. But if you do you won't be disappointed by it.

If you have Spotify and want to give the score a listen feel free to stream it here!

Danny Elfman - Men In Black 3

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