Thursday, July 12, 2012

Check Out Moth's App!

Denver based progressive metal band Moth are a band you need to hear if you haven't. 'But I'm poor and can't really afford to take risks on bands I've never heard' you say? Well, chances are that in this day and age you have a smartphone of sort, which means you my good reader have a chance to listen to some solid music for free!

That there is a spot of creativity many bands should take note from. People love cell phones, and people love free apps. Moth has uploaded the three songs they currently have (they will soon have a full album out), along with lyrics, news from the band, and an assortment of other bits.

It's a really cool little app that goes to show even further the bands passion for their music.

I should note that the app is not currently available on Apple devices, but according to sales statistics, and my own blog statistics, the chances are far greater that you have an Android anyhow.

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