Friday, July 6, 2012

Film Score Friday! James Horner - The Amazing Spider-man

So the franchise reboot of the Spider-man series began this week with the release of the first film in the new trilogy. It's received widely positive reviews, with the only real negative outcry coming from the fact that they rebooted the franchise merely 5 years after the previous series. However, as an avid fan of Spider-man I was not in the least upset by a new movie.

Here's the trailer for the film in case you haven't had a chance to see it:

The film itself takes a bit of a darker tone than the three previous films, opting for a more gritty and a bit more accurate to the comics version of the Spider-man origin story. The more realistic tone definitely takes influence fromt he success of Christopher Nolan's renowned Batman series. I personally feel that this Spider-man did a much better job with the story overall, and Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker is much better than Tobey Maguire's. Emma Stone also seems able to pull off any part she's given very well. Their pairing was a very wise decision.

As for the score, I was a tad bit surprised to see that James Horner was attached to the film. In the age of Hans Zimmer intense and simplistic scores, it was surprising to see a more classical approach to the score, and honestly it works very well. Horner did a great job establishing a motif for Peter from the very first track and carries it through to the end credits. Horner's score is 99% orchestral with a hint of electronic elements here that seem to evoke a hint of Danny Elfman's work on the previous Spider-man films, however it's a small touch and Horner does a great job making the score his own. If you've listened to one of his works before, and there's a rather good chance you have seeing as he's worked on films such as Avatar, Titanic, The Perfect Storm, etc... you'll definitely hear his overall style.

While the score is serious for the most part, there are a few moments of playfulness, highlighted most in the song 'Playing Basketball' which matches that scene in the film very well. However, the score is not afraid to get big and loud, the tracks towards the end 'Saving New York' and 'Oscorp Tower' have their intense moments with thunderous drums and chaotic instrumentation.

Overall I enjoyed both the film and the score, and I'm excited to see how the relationship between Horner and this series grows, assuming he remains attached to the films. Let's just hope so.

Also if you have Spotify, you can stream the entire score right now!

James Horner - The Amazing Spider-man

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