Friday, April 13, 2012

Film Score Friday! Michael Nyman - Man On Wire

Again this week there weren't any new films that particularly interested me score wise, so I picked an older film to showcase. I had to write a paper on the film 'Man On Wire' these past few days, and saw the film for the first time last week. If you haven't seen it I'd recommend giving it a watch, it's well worth your time.

Here's the trailer:

The score created by Michael Nyman complements the film very well. There are your more cinematic sounding, more somber songs such as "A Ramble In St. James Park" and "Passage De L’egalitĂ©", but there are also these songs that use trumpets and other brass instruments to create what reminds me of a soundtrack to a renaissance film. "Chasing sheep" is the prime example of this, it's a little repetitive, but it's pretty interesting stuff.

One of my favorite parts of the soundtrack is actually not made by Nyman. It's a redition of Erik Saties "GymnopĂ©die No.1" which is a really nice subdued piano piece that is incredible to hear and will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Overall both the score and the film are worth your time and attention. The film is available to watch on netflix, and the score is on Spotify right now!

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