Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Hey, Dethalbum III Details Are Out!

So Brendan Smalls finished his Galatikon side project, season 4 of Metalocalypse has ended, and the long awaited Dethalbum III will be coming soon! The above album cover is pretty awesome, and the tracklisting goes as follows:

01.  “I Ejaculate Fire“
02.  “Crush The Industry“
03.  “Andromeda“
04.  “The Galaxy“
05.  “Starved“
06.  “Killstardo Abominate“
07.  “Ghostqueen“
08.  “Impeach God“
09.  “Biologicial Warfare“
10.  “Skyhunter“
11.  “The Hammer“
12.  “Rejoin“

The first track pops out the most for rather obvious reasons. This should be quite an album when it releases, which will be on October 16th!

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