Friday, September 14, 2012

Truth Corroded To Tour With Fear Factory!

I don't know Truth Corroded all that well, but what I have heard is pretty impressive. The band has don pretty extensive touring under their last album Worship The Bled and after this short tour with Fear Factory they plan to write and record a follow up. Unfortunately for us stateside residents this is only in Australia, but I'm going to have to keep tabs on these guys for that follow-up album.

If you do live in Austrailia, feel free to try and make it to these dates:

SEPT 26 - Brisbane, AU @ Hi Fi
SEPT 27 - Sydney, AU @ Hi Fi
SEPT 28 - Melbourne, AU @ Hi Fi
SEPT 29 - Adelaide, South Australia @ Adelaide Uni Bar

Also if you've never heard Truth Corroded before here's the album stream on youtube:

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