Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Abiotic!

South Florida's finest Abiotic are set to release their debut LP entitled Symbiosis with Metal Blade Records on October 22nd, the band already has a pretty huge following, and this debut will only help solidify that.
Here's the track listing for the album:

01. Metamorphilia
02. Vermosapien
03. A Universal Plague
04. To Burgeon And Languish
05. Hegira
06. Conquest Of Gliese
07. The Singe
08. Exitus
09. Facades
10. The Graze Of Locusts

And here is the first single from said album:

Outside of that,a ll we have to do is wait, unfortunately for over a month for this thing to drop. But in the time being this song should be spread like wildfire.

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