Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No Peace Of Mind - Purify The Hope

No Peace Of Mind are a brand new band from Turkey who play a heavy yet slower form of hardcore. Not to make you think they play breakdowns constantly, it’s more on the lines of tons of downtuned slow and epic sounding riffs that, while not being anything particularly technical, do stir thing sup from the typical tough guy hardcore, and combine this with good atmospheric elements that to me seems inspired by stuff similar to Gojira’s slower work. It’s a pretty refreshing EP titled Purify The Hope.

Now hardcore isn’t a genre known for its originality anymore, most people who enjoy hardcore are looking for something heavy that’s good to mosh too, and while this band doesn’t necessarily play that style of hardcore and despite the fact that I do really like the overall sound of this album, , the songs can feel a bit samey, especially after repeated listens. I do feel though that the band is definitely working towards defining their own sound, I would like to see them explore more, and do some more experimenting.

As for the production, everything sounds pretty good. The band self-recorded, and for that fact it’s pretty impressive. My only qualm is that the vocals do feel a bit drowned out at times, although at other times It comes across as though it might have be on purpose to help add to the post-hardcore sounding atmosphere all throughout. However, I may just be reading too far into that. As I said previously the instrumentation isn’t anything particularly technical sounding, but the playing is definitely competent and sound overall.

I feel like No Peace Of Mind has made a rather solid first step, and with continued work the band could definitely evolve into something very special. The sound they’re working to establish is definitely refreshing in a genre that’s far too easy to be a cut and paste band in. I look forward to hearing more from this band, and I’m rather curious to see how they might handle a full length LP, and how that might change their writing. For now though, hardcore fans should feel free to check out Purify The Hope.

You can listen to it right here and now! Also be sure to like the band on Facebook and give them a shout with your thoughts on the EP!

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