Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Ol' Arbiter Update!

Arbiter have sent an email update out about the status of the new double album that's coming soon. There still isn't a concrete date, but there's a pretty lengthy description of how things are going down and the process it'll take for the album to be released. It's an entertaining read, particularly the youtube part, and it's awesome to know that things are in motion and we should all be able to hear this new material soon!

Anyhow here is the email, you should read it if you have the time because it's awesome:
Well, our new albums are on the horizon...
You know what I mean by 'on the horizon' right? Like... Imagine you're on a pirate ship with a crew and your captain has been leading you into the middle of the ocean for WAY too long. You all thought he was crazy, but then suddenly, "Land, Ho!!!"
You can just barely make out an island of awesomeness, and the ship's headed straight for it! "AWWWW STEAKY STEAK!" your piratey self says. It's a reality, afterall!
I mean, you're certainly not on the island basking in the sun and drinking fresh water from waterfalls or anything. Hell, we're not even there yet. But the great news is that it's REAL and we're almost there and it's not a mirage this time.
So in this Arbiter Mailing List update, we're givin y'all exclusive news about exactly where we're at with this beasty, and even a "how it works" type dealio on what'll happen before it's finally in your hands. Bet you're glad you signed up for this thing now, huh?
Alright, let's get down to it.
Right now, we're going over everything these albums contain as far as audio goes, and making sure it's exactly how we want it. Connor, our vocalist, is currently finalizing all of our back-story and making sure everything in the album makes sense with itself in that respect.
Then, Friday the 21st, Connor will meet up with the rest of the team (Alan, mixing/producer. Jay, guitars. Josh, guitars. Jason, bass. Logan, drums.) to listen through both of 'em and have their final say on every little detail of 'Ironclad' and 'Machinations'.
After that, it gets sent to Seth Munson (mastering) to get mastered, a.k.a. sounding beautiful as hell. He'll be done in just a few days, and then the album goes to our record label, Famined Records. Once they have it, we still have a lot of work to do.
Firstly, we finalize CD Artwork for the Physical CD version of the album with Daniel Wagner of D-Dub Designs/Mediaskare Records (CD layout art). Then, Famined Records orders a limited 300 physical copies of 'Ironclad/Machinations'. This is the CD Version of our new album and contains both sides of the album on one CD, with a bonus interlude track and even more hidden surprises.
After the CDs are ordered from the manufacturer, we finalize our new T-Shirt Design with Mason Starkey of M. Starkey Design/Famined Records. Then, we order a run of this SICK t-shirt design featuring a split-face between an Ironclad warrior and a soldier from the Machinations side.
Meanwhile, all promotional materials (like Arbiter guitar picks, the Arbiter book, called 'Principia Dua', and so on) are shipped from Arbiter HQ to Famined Records HQ. Once Famined Records has these, all T-shirts, and all CD's... we finalize all our Pre-Order Packages, and the fun begins.
Famined Records, The Djent-Lemen's Club, Arbiter, etc then begin promotion of 'Ironclad-Machinations' and Pre-Order Packages are launched on for y'all to get. By now, the official release date will have been announced, and you'll have scoured every torrent site and metal blog for the leak of the album to no avail.
In the meantime, the digital versions of 'Ironclad' and 'Machinations' (sold separately) will be being submitted to all your favorite Digital Music Marketplaces like iTunes, Spotify, and many more. The digital versions have a cool advantage in that they're shorter, cheaper, and both have alternate artwork separate from the CD artwork. The disadvantage is that you've only got half of everything, and you won't get the bonus interlude or the other hidden surprises the CD has!
All this stuff launches at the same time on the official release day, and the only way to get your paws on it is, (total shocker), to have bought it in one way or another!!!! Either that or listened to it through a subscription service that you're paying for like Spotify.
You might be saying "Psh screw you guys for trying to get paid for your work, I'll just listen to all the music on YouTube when some random kid uploads all of the songs!" Well, the joke's on you. All of the audio from the albums are registered with YouTube and we are instantly notified of anyone on YouTube who has uploaded even a little bit of it. That doesn't mean we'll take these videos down. No way! We're gonna leave these videos up for you to listen to, but we're still getting paid from the advertisements that will automatically be put on every video on all of YouTube that has our music in it.
This is a double-edged... um... pillow? We don't have to be kinda pissed at people that upload our new album onto their YouTube channels, cus they're not only promoting the shit out of us but also still helping us earn money... and YouTube people don't have to get messages from YouTube that say "ARBITER BANHAMMERED YOUR ASS BEEYOTCH!" or anything like that! We've always been tight buds with all the blogs, YouTube Channels, and other pages that have posted our stuff for people to hear for free. But knowing that they can do the same exact thing now, but we still get paid for it? Now that's a warm fuzzy feeling.
Anyway, once the album is out, it does NOT end there. There is still much more to come, and much more to do, and much more behind the album itself. But these are all things that will need to be announced, discovered, and unlocked at a later time.
So there you have it. Tell all your friends... or don't. They weren't nerdy enough to join our mailing list like you were, so they totally don't deserve to even know.
Unless you think they do.
Much love from Arbiter and trust us, we wanna get 'Ironclad/Machinations' released even more than you want us to. It's a guarantee. See you next time with another Arbiter Mailing List update!
-- Connor Arbiter

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