Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Somebody Robbed Norma Jean

The world unfortunately has no shortage of dickish people. Tour life is already tough enough, but it seems Norma Jean was robbed on a day off in Chicago. The thief/thieves broke a window on their van and took a bunch of personal items and cash and all around just ruined the day. The band understands they aren't the only band this has happened to and seem to be really humble about the situation and aren't trying to take donations from fans or anything like that. Just asking that people buy merch if they want to help out.

Here's their official blog post:
Since we had a lot of people asking we might as well make a post about it. The other night while we were hanging out in Chicago on our day off, our van was broken into. They broke a window, went through our van and robbed us. Among some things stolen were three backpacks full of personal items, laptops, iPods, cash etc… 
Some cool people have hit us up to donate the personal items we lost. Thank you all so much! We appreciate you. 
A lot of you have been asking how you can help and we really appreciate all of you too. We lost some money yes but we don’t want any of you bringing us money. If you want to help us in that way, just come to a show on this tour (check the dates!), buy a shirt in our webstore at http://store.bandmerch.com/normajean or at the merch table, or buy our new record.
There are people in the world way more in need. Give your money donations to them. 
And to Chicago, we still love you and will always come back …but we will be a lot more careful from now on. Check the dates everyone!! Thanks! - Norma Jean! 
Edit - If the person who stole from us reads this. We hope and pray that you get to a better place in life. Also, you’re a jerk.

So if you can afford some merch feel free to help out. Also if you haven't heard Wrongdoers, their latest release, you're missing out on a great album. Check this out. 

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