Monday, December 30, 2013

Band Of The Week: The Walking Dead Orchestra

I missed last week's Band Of The Week, because of the holiday's happening, I was busy, but being that internet traffic slows during holidays i felt it might be a bit unfair to the next showcased group. So Reflections enjoyed some extra time in the spot, but this week brings in a new beast. This group I have Spotify to thank for. Spotify's discover function is a pretty average system at best, often making weird comparisons between bands, but every once in a while it absolutely nails things I'll like on the head. The Walking Dead Orchestra stood out to me as a fan of the show, but their music really has nothing to to do with the show, which is fine because the music is absolutely killer.

The band play technical deathcore with a huge emphasis on being heavy a hell, a la Thy Art Is Murder with some Black Dahlia Murder influences. Their album Architects Of Destruction grabs you from the get go and doesn't relent at all. the only thing I might say detracts from their sound is that the drums occasionally feel a bit too loud compared to the rest of the music, but it's not enough to really distract you from all the awesome instrumentation going on.

Check out the track 'Swap Fever':

They are definitely deserving of your attention, and if they stick to their guns they'll have a bright future ahead of them.

They recently hit 10k likes on facebook, which is definitely nice, but your likes/shares will definitely help out. also buying their merch is always helpful. Hit them up on twitter too.

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