Monday, February 3, 2014

Band Of The Week: Dan Dankmeyer

Instrumental metal is not the biggest genre around, but it's fans are damn loyal. Bands like Animals As Leaders, Chimp Spanner, and Scale The Summit have garnered quite the following for themselves. There's also Drewsif Stalin, who has made quite a name for himself via his djent instrumental cover songs as well as his own material. It's been covered plenty of times before how the advent of technology as it is today allows for bands to produce great quality work with an instrument, a laptop, and the right software. One man bands are bigger than ever. I don't quite recall how I found Dan Dankmeyer, probably just browsing Bandcamp, but his instrumental work is top notch.

It's been a fair amount of time since we've heard new material from Dan, with 2012 being the last time he had a release, although he had quite a run of albums in a short amount of time, he has released 8 albums worth of material since 2009, which is pretty mind blowing. His latest three albums though have garnered him the most attention, Origin and Pure caught the attention of Heavy Blog Is Heavy, which is great, but Dan's basically had to rely on self promotion like most one man bands.

If I'm being honest I don't really listen to instrumental metal nearly as often as other subgenre's but when it's great stuff to have on while working on something, or to play video games too.

Check out the song 'Lethargic' from Pure:

It would be awesome to hear new material from Dan this year, but his back catalog should keep new listeners occupied for some time.

Leave him a comment on his facebook, and download his albums from bandcamp!

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