Monday, February 17, 2014

Band Of The Week: Near Death Condition

I might have just found these guys recently, but Near Death Condition have been killing it for about 13 years now. This Sweden based technical death metal group have two albums under their belt and a third album on the way here in a short number of weeks. I've been playing their last album relentlessly though in preparation for it.

Check out the song 'Trinity':

If that doesn't grip your attention I'm not sure what will. The song writing is top notch and the the instrumentation is incredible. I've not fallen for a band this much since last years release from Beyond Creation.

They've also premiered a new track thanks to the dudes over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy:

Their new album, entitled Evolving Towards Extinction is set to release on March 18th!

Head over to the bands Facebook and buy some merch!

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