Monday, February 24, 2014

Band Of The Week: Lorelei

According to there are at least 9 artists/bands that share the name Lorelei. This might be a record for most shared name, which is surprising as it's not some stereotypical metal name or anything, but none-the-less it's apparently a common name. Despite that though a quick Google search of the term 'Lorelei band' will almost certainly point you towards this weeks band of the week. Lorelei recently dropped their debut album Lore Of Liesand it's already vying for one of this years best albums.

If blackened deathcore is slowly becoming a thing, then let it be known that bands like Ovid's withering and Lorelei got this trend started with quite a bang. This collaboration of sub-genre's appears to work far better than some might have expected.

Check out 'Salem Town':

There are a number of similarities in overall tone between Lorelei and Ovid's Withering, which is definitely a good thing. Both of these bands put out steller debut albums, and while Lorelei's might not have been as ambitious as Ovid's Withering in terms of length (Ovid's Withering's debut is well over an hour long), Lorelei is no less interesting to listen to.

I am hoping to have a full review of this album is the coming days. For now hit up the bands facebook, and buy the album!

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