Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's A Sad Sad Day. And You Can Cancel That Oceano Album.

Update: Apparently a representative at Earache is saying that Oceano is just going on Hiatus. Which is sort of contrary to the bands facebook status. I'll post more if it gets cleared up.

Update 2: Nevermind, I guess Oceano is broken up for sure.

Two sad things happened today. Howard Jones has left Killswitch Engage, which saddens me deeply. No one is particularly sure yet why he left the band, although there is plenty of speculation. I'm not sure if they've been looking for a replacement or not yet, seeing as they are supposed to have a new album this year. Howard will be missed, he had such a good voice.

As for the second bit of info, Adam Warren, vocalist for Oceano left too. Although he left for more noble reasons, to go be a daddy. They had just entered the studio as far as I know too, but I guess now that Adam left the band is just calling it quits. They weren't the greatest deathcore band, but they were pretty good.

2012 is already killing off some good bands. But we've still got a lot of great albums to look forward too.

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