Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dischordia - Creator, Destroyer

Let me start this by saying - Wow.

Holy hell these guys killed it. I was sent this 4 track EP entitled Creator, Destroyer. It's from an up and coming progressive death metal outfit called Dischordia. The first thing you'll notice about this EP is that the production is so solid. Everything sounds amazing, which really helps accent the talent these guys have.

The album starts with one of the best quotes from Jurassic Park: "The point is, you're alive when they start to eat you." atop an eerie unsettling ambiance which sets the tone for the album very well. The song also ends with the rest of the quote. "So you know... try to show a little respect."

Dischordia draws their main influences from Messhugah, Decapitated, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, but they a far from coming off as a copy cat band. What you'll find on this piece is a progressive well toned death metal with a tiny hint of breakdown thrown in. Now that shouldn't scare off any deathcore haters, this is far from deathcore. The breakdowns found herein are incredibly well put together and could probably crush skulls for real. They know how to pull off a tempo change too. They'll let you get used to a tempo and then slam you in the face with a drastic change. It's almost like a musical roller coaster.

The guitar work is fantastic. They come across as an excellent mix of math metal and brutal death metal. The rhythms are sporadic, but intelligent. The tones are heavy and thick. And overall they just slay. The final track also throws in acoustic electric parts to slow things down a bit, while simultaneously building up for an overall epic song and just when you think the song might end, the rhythm changes and crunchy thick guitar invades your ear once more. And the crazy thing about all of that is - It's all the work of one guy, named Keeno. (I'm not talking about the bass guitar here though.) The bass guitar however is a whole 'nother beast. Vocalist Josh Turner takes care of both brutal screams and complicated bass rhythms. The bass is audible throughout, which is a great thing, and it really helps drive the album.

The vocals seemed familiar to me. Not in a bad way at all, but it took me a few listens to realize Josh Turners vocals sound like a deeper version of Bruce Fitzhugh, of Living Sacrifice. They are deep, dirty, and angry. Really great stuff. His voice is commanding, and fills out their sound very well.

The drums are also top notch. Josh Fallin has excellent timing and rhythm. The sound of his drums are spot on and he nails everything. He really knows how to be the backbone of each song. He can also pull off these lightning fast three note beats with his feet that are really impressive.

I'm not sure words can really do this album justice. You just have to hear it and realize how good these guys are, and then realize this is their first release. They are just getting started. I'm stoked to see what they do next.

You can listen to the album at their bandcamp here:

Also make sure you like their facebook and drop them a comment telling them how awesome the EP is.

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