Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Marilyn Effect - Vanitas

Post-Hardcore band The Marilyn Effect recently released their debut EP Vanitas, and sent me a copy to listen to. I have to start this by saying I'm not all that adept on Post-Hardcore bands, it's not my favorite genre, but I'm pretty open minded about anything heavy, so I gave it a shot.

What you'll find is a surprisingly well put together hardcore album. I've drifted a bit from listening to bands with higher clean vocals, but the clean vocals are pretty good, and they feel more natural and not overly produced, which is always a nice thing. The screams range from mid to lows, and work well throughout the album. I really like the low vocals actually. I would love to see them use that more when they release a full length, their vocalist has a good guttural growl.

The instrumental work is good too. They have a lot of interesting lead guitar portions, and the rhythm guitar drives the songs well. The drums don't reinvent the wheel, but they do a good job helping move the songs along and they are in no way boring. Anyone who likes breakdowns will love these guys. They don't overuse them, but they have some great breakdowns like the one that ends off the song Higher Than The Stars, Deeper Than The Seas. Really fun stuff.

My only problem with Post Hardcore is that it has more influences from Punk rock, which isn't one of my favorite genres, but these guys don't drift into punk that much. They have their moments, of which aren't actually bad, it's just not a genre I ever really got into, but for the most part the album feels more hardcore overall.

One thing I do like about Post-Hardcore though is the ambient influences. I really like ambient music, and post-hardcore manages to work ambience in very well sometimes. These guys end off the album with an slow acoustic-electric guitar, and beach sounds with reverbing lyrics. It's a really good way to end the album.

For a first release these guys are doing very well. I'd be interested in seeing how they do in the future and I think if they keep at it, they can really have a good debut full length. We'll have to wait and see.

You can find their facebook here:

Go like em, and check out their bandpage to hear the album!

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