Thursday, December 1, 2011

To Speak Of Wolves Hit The Studio Today!

Man it's been a great new week! I have to say I've been waiting for this bit of news for a long time, and I was a bit scared it might never come because these guys aren't the biggest band in the world unfortunately. However, I'm happy to say that To Speak Of Wolves entered the studio today to start the recording process for their follow up to 2010's Myself > Letting Go.

The album doesn't have a title yet, or at least not one that's been released, but that information will probably trickle out as the recording process comes to a close. Hopefully they'll give us video updates all throughout recording.

Oh and another tidbit, being that Rick Jacobs, the old vocalist, left the band this will be the first album with the new vocalist Gage Speas who joined the band earlier this year. For those who don't know, Rick was on  their debut EP and their only album thus far. (I was wrong about him being on the debut EP, had my stuff mixed up. Thanks to Andrei_vp for fact checking me.) Which is a fantastic album mind you, so Gage has some big shoes to fill. Rick left to pursue a side project called "The Unintended", but I haven't been albe to find any information about that thus far. If anyone knows, please hit me up with a link in the comments or email or whatev's. I'll give credit where credits due.

They recorded a preliminary studio video that shows some of the writing process which you can watch here:

Anyway, Mark me stoked, and sign me up for a pre-order cd/shirt bundle!

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